1.       When you make contact we will ask you to come to come to our inpatient treatment facility.


2.       Upon arrival you will meet with our intake coordinator where a formal assessment will be conducted


3.       You will then be taken to our medical clinic where you will be given a urine drug test and basic medical exam/check-up.


4.       If you test positive for illicit illegal substances we will admit you to a detox facility, gain medical clearance, and at that time will get you into our inpatient treatment facility


5.       If you do not test positive you will be given a list of acceptable items. We will require only clothing for 28 days. At our facility we have laundry services available, as a client you will be provided basic hygiene products.


6.       If you are currently taking medication, please bring them with you to your intake.




Upon initial contact, at ECS we will do our best to make the transition to our inpatient facility:

  1. Each resident will share one bedroom and bathroom with two other residents of the same gender. Linens and pillows are provided.

  2. Residents must provide a 28-day supply of any prescribed medications and at least a 28-day supply of personal hygiene items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and shaving supplies. Aerosol sprays are NOT ALLOWED as they adversely affect our fire alarm system.

  3. We ask that residents do not bring a vehicle, radio, or electronic items.

  4. Meals and evening snacks are provided and special diets are provided as needed. We do not allow food or drinks to be brought in by residents or family/friends.

  5. On-site laundry facilities are available on designated days for residents to do their own laundry at no cost to them. Additionally, residents are required to perform daily and weekly housekeeping chores.

  6. Cell Phones are not allowed. A phone is available for use during designated times.

  7. Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside the facility and at designated times. Electronic smoking devices are not allowed. 

  8. Family involvement is encouraged through the use of family therapy scheduled Monday thru Friday at 5:30PM with Primary Therap

  9. Residents completing intensive residential treatment are referred to a less intensive level of treatment for continued recovery support.